Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom, I Learned How to Twitter!!!

Mom, Uncle Steve showed me how to set up a Twitter account, and now I can tweet. My user name is specksterthedog. Can you believe that there is already another speckster out there tweeting? I had only been out there tweeting for an hour, and I have 4 followers. Uncle Steve has been tweeting for 2 weeks, and he doesn't have any followers. Apparently a name like mathjarl scares people off.

Now finding my tweets is not as easy as you might think. First, you have to go to http://www.twitter.com/ and set up an account for yourself. You need to provide an email addresss, so Uncle Steve always sets up a new email account at gmail.com so his regular Email doesn't get clogged up with Twitter stuff. You can now send me Emails at specksterthedog@gmail.com. You can find gmail.com at http://www.google.com/. Once you have a twitter account, you should be able to search for "specksterthedog", but for some reason this doesn't work all the time. The method that Uncle Steve found that does work is to create a contact in your new gmail account for specksterthedog@gmail.com and mathjarl@gmail.com (that is if you want to see all the boring math stuff Uncle Steve does.) Then when Twitter searches your gmail for users it finds us. Then you can follow my exploits on your cell phone!!!

Other then learning how to tweet, we had a quiet night. Uncle Steve took me for a short walk around Wolfe Park. I was a little worried when we started out, but Uncle Steve took pity on me.
Hope you have a nice trip to London. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve really liked the Crown Jewels and Harrods! How you can understand the way they talk.
The Speckster


At 5:32 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speckster,
We saw your Twitter. Man, you're a modern dog, I can hardly keep up.

London is neat. Most of all, it is sunny and around 60 degrees today (not typical London weather, we're not expecting much for the rest of the trip). Today, we walked around Hyde Park. It is kind of like their "Central Park". Then, we saw Kensington Palace, and the beautiful gardens around it. Best of all, we went out for dinner at a recommended Italian restaurant. Now, no one in their right mind goes to London for the food, but man oh man, this was the best meal I've had outside of Italy! Except for when we make peanut butter cookies for your birthday, and, of course, anything either of your grandmas cook. Anyway, this place called Zafferano had such delicious food! We had crab and asparagus salad, bresaola with fresh rocket greens and goats cheese, followed by the most perfectly textured fresh tagliatelle with beef and tomatoes, beautiful burrata cheese ravioli with tuna and cherry tomatoes, veal with morel mushroom sauce and lamb prepared two ways with artichokes. Dessert was the most amazing vanilla bean panna cotta topped with rhubarb and an apple tart. We heard that the restaurant was Michelin rated, but didn't know what tires had to do with good food...still don't. We think everyone had a good time there, because we got to see another couple make out on the street after they left the restaurant. Dinner and a show! Anyway, now that you're good and hungry, we'll just say goodnight. Say thanks to AK and US for taking care of you again, and keep up the Twitter. We love to hear your warped thoughts.

Love, Mom and Dad


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