Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Have Been Rescued!

Just a quick note to let you know that Aunt Kathy came and rescued me. I can't believe you left with suit cases, and left me behind. I was really mad at you, until I found out where Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve had been. Can you believe they went to Bluefin Bay without me. I haven't decided how to punish them, but believe me, it is coming.

However, Uncle Steve did tell me a story that gave me second thoughts about going up there again. They were sitting in their room when the saw a Bald Eagle in the tree just outside their window. As they sat there, the eagle took off and circled around between their building and the lake. If I had been outside, they are sure that I would have been an eagle snack. It was one mean looking bird! OK, no punishment for Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve.

Aren't I being a good helper when Aunt Kathy was unpacking from their trip. If something had fallen on the floor, I would have cleaned up before she could bend over to stop me!
Hope you have a good time on your trip without me. Don't feel guilty at all about leaving me all alone, with no idea who was going to take care of me. I wasn't worried a bit. I know somebody who loves me would eventually come get me. (OK, I'm laying it on a bit thick, and I did sleep in the window the whole time you were here.)
The Speckster


At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Speck,
Boy did we feel bad leaving you today. Every time we said AK and US you tipped your head and started to act excited, so we couldn't tell you that Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve were coming to get you later, or you may have scratched your way out the window and met them at their place when they came home.
New York is still big and neat, but it sure is cold here today. The wedding cake for Bride's Magazine made it here okay despite its box getting wedged inside the xray scanner at the airport so badly that it crushed the box and they had to stop the conveyer belt and muscle it out. Teehee. The flight attendant on the plane also didn't like the fact that we had the top tier box in the seat between us for takeoff either. She didn't seem to think it was funny that we strapped it down with a seatbelt. Oh well, she got over it.
Tonight, we went to a Mexican restaurant near our hotel called "Hell's Kitchen". Stupid name, but awesome food. They make Gourmet Mexican food. Betcha didn't know that existed, either did we, but yum. It was buennnnnno. Tomorrow, we're going to Little Italy in search of Pici noodles (those really fat spaghetti noodles that Mom uses when she makes Bolognese sauce). We can't seem to find them except in Italy, so we figure, Hey, Little ITALY, maybe they'll have Little Pici! We're also planning on walking around Chinatown to practice speaking Chinese to some people, that should be really embarassing.
Ooh, we had our first celebrity sighting of the trip. Dad saw the lady that played Sara Connor in "The Terminator" checking out at our hotel. I didn't see her, because he wasn't to quick to point her out. Hopefully, we'll see some other quasi-famous people to write to you about later.

Be good for AK and US, and be sure to bide your time and pick the perfect revenge for them going to the land of 10,000 smells without you. Maybe a well timed barking fit just before dawn.

Love, Mom and Dad


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