Saturday, May 02, 2009

Nap Time in the Morning

Can you see the sun on my back! Our Lazyboy upstairs is just the best place in the whole world to spend a Saturday morning. Uncle Steve sits and reads his paper, and I alternate between looking out the back window, checking on Aunt Kathy, and sleeping. Sometimes Uncle Steve joins me in the sleeping part! Maybe you can start dropping me off at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve's on Saturday's morning. This is just the best!!!

Uncle Steve tried to teach me some new words today. I liked my breakfast at 5:00 am, so I let Uncle Steve know that. He kept saying, "Speck it's Saturday", and "Speck, it's the week-end." I had no idea what he was talking about. It seemed like he really wanted me to understand what "Saturday" and "Week-end" meant, but I was clueless. Suddenly this very deep, and very angry voice, that sounded a little like Aunt Kathy, said "GET UP AND FEED HER!!!!!" I got my breakfast right away.
The rest of the day was spent watching Aunt Kathy work on school stuff. Uncle Steve went for his run and was gone most of the afternoon.
Uncle Steve says you can stay a few extra days. We're doing just fine.
The Speckster


At 5:18 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speckster-

Tally Ho! Quit acting like a wanker so early in the morning! We don't want AK to miss out on her weekend sleep even if you don't know or care what "weekend" means, trust AK it's very important!

Glad to hear you're getting in some good nap time. Tell US that your schedule is usually open on Saturday mornings, so all he has to do is say the word!

Today we slept too late, caught the "tube" to the river and took a tour boat down to Greenwich. While there we got our picture taken at the international dateline/prime meridian line. We're still a little confused, so we're going to do a little more studying on exactly what we got our picture taken on.

Later we went on a walking tour with the foremost expert on Jack the Ripper. We were joined by about 100 of our closest friends. We basically walked around where the killings occured and saw some cool sights. He also gave some history on suspects, etc. We also saw the "Ten Bells" which was a pub frequented by all of his victims and is still in business today. After, we caught the tube again and went to meet our friends we spent the day with yesterday for dinner.

We leave tomorrow and are supposed to get in around 5:25 or so in the afternoon. We'll call when we get in to let you know when we are coming! Cuddle AK and US extra hard tonight!

Love you, Mom and Dad.


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