Sunday, May 03, 2009

Pedestrian Expedition of the Neighborhood

We started out Sunday just like Saturday. I have Uncle Steve trained now to feed me at 5:00 am. Apparently, he needs to get up at that time for some other reason. We spent some more time in our Lazyboy soaking up the rays. Then Uncle Steve went for a long bike ride, and I took care of Aunt Kathy. She took me for a pedestrian expedition around the neighborhood. She and Uncle Steve think they can use big words like that, and I won't get excited. They should know better than that. I can pick up on the slighest clues, and nothing get me more excited than walks. (Well, food ranks right up there too!)

The bed upstairs is a great place to hold court. I can see out the back window, and hear everything much better from there. If one of those bassett hounds lets out the slighest sound, I can put them in their place.

I can hardly wait for you to come home. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve are nice, but there is no place like home.


The Speckster


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