Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Time It Was a Really Wet Day in Minnesota

Wednesday are tough days around here. Both Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve work out after school, so they just made quick stops to wake me up, take me outside, and give me a snack. It was hardly worth interupting my nap for just that. Aunt Kathy finally came home and paid some attention to me. Uncle Steve was off being a Mason tonight. What's a mason? Is it important to leave me alone? I don't think so. He will need to be taught a lesson!

It rained all day here, so sleeping seemed like the only worthwhile thing to do. When I did go outside, I had my feet wiped when I came back in. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve seem pretty smart, but that just don't get that I hate having my feet wiped. I have given them pefectly clear explanations that I don't like it, but they keep doing it. I didn't bite Uncle Steve's hand, but you would think from the loud snap that just missed his fingers that he would get the idea! Apparently not! The next time he did it, I just looked at him like "How stupid are you?" He said that his students say he is really stupid. Hopefully it will stop raining by tomorrow.

Aunt Kathy has an appointment to get her hair cut around 5:00 pm, and Uncle Steve has parent conferences from 4:00 to 8:00 tomorrow night, so you can just come get me when you get home. I will be glad to see you. However, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve are teaching me to eat at the kitchen table. I'm willing to eat anywhere you want me to eat!

The Speckster


At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Speck,
We better not find out that US is missing any fingers when we get back! We know you're quite the princess about the paw thing. On that note, we met a westie today outside of Katz's deli. His name is The Count (short for The Count of Monte Christo). He was walking in front of us, but then the count decided that he wanted to sniff a basement grate, so we passed him.

Tonight, we went to a show called "The 39 Steps". It was a theatrical rendition of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, only acted in one set, by a total of 4 actors. It was super funny. At the end of the show, they made it snow inside the theater on the audience. It was neat.

Tomorrow, we come home. We'll be there between 4 and 5:00 to pick you up, so you better get all of the spoiling out of the way before that! Be sure to thank AK and US for taking care of you (at their own risk!) We're lucky to have such patient co-parents for you!

Love, Mom and Dad


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