Monday, October 19, 2009

Speck Goes for a Walk

My days at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve's are settling into a comfortable pattern. They feed me nice and early, play with me before they go to work, and then get out of the house so I can sleep. I occasionaly bark at a passerby, but most of the time is quality nap time. Aunt Kathy put the couch so I can enjoy the maximum amount of sun. Either Uncle Steve or Aunt Kathy comes home mid-afternoon, and takes me for a short walk. I think I have finally broken Uncle Steve of the idea of those insane 5 miles walks. They both go somewhere after that, and let me take another nap. They get home later to feed me, and give me some quality play time after dinner. Then its lap time in front of the TV or reading a book. Some of the books Uncle Steve look my like weights than books, but he seems to enjoy them. Then it's off to bed, and repeat again tomorrow. Rest assured that I am one content puppy, and am over the little twit that I through yesterday. The more I think about that bald eagle, the more I like the idea of staying safe and warm at home!

Glad to hear that you are having a good time in New York. It sounds like lots of fun.

Uncle Steve was trying to get me to talk to you. So I just sat there and looked cute. Doesn't he ever learn?


The Speckster


At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Speck,
Glad to hear you're making yourself at home as usual. Tell US, all he has to do to get you to bark is to put a bag of popcorn in the microwave. That's a solid two minutes of Speck vocals.

Today, we went to Little Italy and Chinatown. It was neat. We didn't find any Pici, but we did have a nice lunch, and what we were assured was the "Best Cannoli on Planet Earth". I don't know if we can verify that, but it was pretty darn good. Later, we went to Washington Square Park and watched the doggies play at the dog park. There was a Jack Russell terrier there who barked more in the twenty minutes that we were there than you've barked in the last year! He was having fun! On the way home we stopped at a pet store and got you a present, but I'm not telling what.
Tonight, we decided to skip out on our plans to go out for Thai food, and instead walked to the Carnegie Deli to get takeout to eat in our hotel room. We had a Pastrami sandwich the size of a bowling ball! There was so much Pastrami on it that we had to unload a bunch just to fit the sandwich in our mouths! It's okay, Dad ate the rest of it by wrapping pickles in it, then in a piece of leftover swiss cheese (there was about 7 or 8 slices on the sandwich). Next time, we're going to order two extra slices of bread and make two huge sandwiches, instead of one ginormous one. We are taking a brief break, then we dig into a slice of their awesome cheesecake and a slice of deep dish apple pie. I think we'll need to hit the gym a lot when we get home.

Tomorrow, we take the cake over to Bride's Magazine for the photo shoot.

Ask AK and US if there's anything they might like us to bring home for them from New York. Maybe a giant Pastrami sandwich?


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