Thursday, April 15, 2010

Catching Up On My Sleep

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve are not letting up on their pace of activities, so I'm using this time to catch up on my sleep. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve both leave at some ungodly hour, and whenever they come home, it's quick take me out, quick give me food, quick give me love, quick take me out, and quick go on the the next activity. Uncle Steve had conferences at his school, and Aunt Kathy had a concert at her school. When Uncle Steve came home, he took this cute picture of me (well, at they all cute, but that's beside the point), helped me write the blog, and then we were off to bed. All this rest is making me sleepier than ever.

Your trip sounds really neat. Uncle Steve said that he may incorporate the flush button into on of the videos if he can figure that out. Sound effects can make videos very interesting!

It was a beautiful day today. Too bad we don't feel safe walking around the neighborhood anymore. We will have to wait until Uncle Steve gets home to protect us on a walk.

Thanks for sneaking around the Chinese security systems to keep track of me. Those guys should realize that nothing can keep you from finding out what the Speckster is up to!!!


The Speckster


At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Speck! I just sent your latest blog over to your mommy and daddy. I even included the cute picture of you on the chair. It is currently about 11:30 PM on Friday night in Beijing. I'm not sure how their sleeping schedule was affected by the long trip, but as soon as they get back to me I'll post the comment back!

Hope you're having a good day!


At 3:28 AM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,

Sounds like you're getting plenty of nap time in. Put some in for us! It's been pretty weird trying to get onto Chinese time! Last night, Dad got home from the Acrobat show, and laid on the bed for 2 seconds and started snoring! It was only 9:00 here! I tried to get him to wake up, and in my frustration, laid down next to him, and was asleep within 5 minutes. So, our posts may be happening in the mornings from here!

So, Yesterday, we went to Tian'an men square (the people's square) and then the Forbidden city. We hired a guide named Mr. Lee, who told us all sorts of good stories, and guided us through the Forbidden City. They have all sorts of pretty pavilion buildings there, and amazing Marble stairways that go on forever! The Imperial Garden was amazing, and the little trees were flowering in bright pinks and yellows. They have trees there that are over 300 years old, and a wooden gazebo that was made entirely without nails, all jointed perfectly together. This was particularly interesting with Magic Phil there...he has a new challenge! Maybe he can make you a dog house that way!

After that, we went to a neighborhood called Hou Hai, it is around two lakes.
We went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant (it didn't say that it was Chinese food, but here I guess it goes without saying). Turns out, my chinese language skills suck! I ordered rice for the table, and couldn't figure out what the hell the waitress was asking. The other items were pictured on the menu, so we could just point, but no rice! Turns out, she was asking how many we wanted. We got it figured out. After lunch, we took a ride around the lakes and into the Hutong (traditional Chinese Courtyard houses) on a rickshaw. It was neat. We saw traditional little Courtyard houses, as well as some Mansions where former political leaders and royalty lived. Our rickshaw driver, Zhang, was super nice.

When we got back to the hotel (after about 30 failed attempts to get a taxi) we had to turn right around to go to the Acrobat show. Wow! These guys are crazy talented! Can't really understand just how they do the things they do, but once you've seen a girl standing on ballet point, balanced on one foot, on top of a guys head, you kind of forget that gravity exists.

That takes us to passing out on the bed.

Tell AK not to worry about walking around the neighborhood. She can borrow you whenever she likes, and no one in their right mind would mess with the Speckster!

We'll be sure to get you updates as often as we can. Thank US for helping you reach the keyboard!

Love, Mom and Dad


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