Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Speck Takes a Day Off

Yesterday was a very special day. Uncle Steve and I did absolutely nothing yesterday. We just sat around, and did nothing. We got so tired doing nothing, that we didn't have the energy to write a blog. Uncle Steve went outside for a little bit to shovel snow, but when he came back in, we got busy doing nothing again. We did get out of the Lazyboy to eat and go to the bathroom, but that's about it.
Also, Uncle Steve was laughing at me yesterday. He dropped a couple pieces of my breakfast into the big water dish, and when I finished my breakfast I went bobbing for the pieces of dog food in my water dish. Uncle Steve said that he had never seen a dog put her whole snout into a water dish trying to get food. He should know by now that I will do anything to get at food. But that darned piece of dog food would not stay in my mouth. Every time I would try to close my mouth around that piece of food, that water would wash it out of my mouth. I was getting pretty frustrated. The more frustrated I got, the faster I tried to bite into the water, which wasn't helping a bit. Then with Uncle Steve laughing so hard he was rolling on the floor, I really got ticked off! Uncle Steve finally took pity on me, fished the dog food out of the water dish, and put it in my regular dog food dish. Today, he wanted to know if I wanted more food in the water? If I were a male dog, I would lift my leg right on his foot!

Here is a picture of how special I look, until you get home tomorrow.

See you soon,
The Speckster


At 8:08 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Glad to hear you're getting a little excercise while you eat! Also glad to hear you're entertaining US at the same time. Today, we went to Disneyworld. It was pretty fun. We heard that there was a giant mouse there, but never saw it. I'm sure you could have sniffed it out, but then there would be a whole bunch of traumatized kids who had to watch their beloved Mickey get the life choked out of him by a little white dog. Good thing you stayed home for this one.

We get home tomorrow around two o'clock and will come to steal you from AK and US's house. Be sure to tell them Thank you for taking such good care of you while we're gone.

See you soon, Mom and Dad


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