Friday, April 16, 2010

Male Dogs Have All The Fun!

I can smell that other dogs have been here, and in fact, there have been a lot of other dogs here. I am guessing that since the smell is much stronger closer to the post, that there have been lots of male dogs at this post. Those male dogs are so lucky to be able to mark the post so much more effectively than us females. I finally trained Uncle Steve to come home right from work, and take me for a walk. I was trying to let all the other dogs in the neighborhood know that I had been there, but Uncle Steve kept saying, "We are going for a walk, not a sniff and piss!" He obviously does not think like a dog.
I was a fairly nice day here. It was a little cool, and really windy. Uncle Steve just took me around Wolfe Park. There were a few other dogs there, but I gave them the cold shoulder. Just about everybody who walked by us to me how cute I was. So, it was just a normal walk.
Tonight, Uncle Steve and I have the Lazy Boy marked out. He has been so busy this week, he needs some major rest time.
Hope you're having a good time.
The Speckster


At 1:13 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hey Speckster-

Today we went to the Summer Palace. It is the place where Empress Chixi spent her Summers away from the Forbidden City. It was basically a huge area of land including a lake and a mountain. Tons of cool buildings and scenery. It even had a whole "fake" street shopping area set up on a river so the Empress could act like she was strolling the streets shopping just like any normal person. We also got to see a little sampling of Chinese Opera in the Opera house on the property. We saw a handful of gou's (dogs) today. None as cute as you, but a couple pretty close!

We came back to the hotel after spending all day at the Summer Palace and relaxed for awhile before we went out for Peking Duck. A whole duck sliced up at your table and eaten in little crepe like things with sauces. Nummy.

Tomorrow we are going to do a little shopping. Maybe we'll find a present for you.

Say hi to AK and US and start walking a little more and sniffing a little less.

Love Mom and Dad.


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