Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day

After such a glorious day yesterday, today was sort of a let down. Everybody goes off to work at an ungodly hour, and leaves me at home to hold down the fort. Grante.d, all that entails is sleeping on the couch, but somebody has to do it.

Sometime in the afternoon, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve dash home, let me out, give me a treat, and then they're off again. When Uncle Steve got home, we have some quality lap time. As you can see above, I was trying to help Aunt Kathy cook, but she decided I was just too helpful. Uncle Steve led me upstairs with a treat, but he shut the door so I couldn't leave. What is he thinking! As you can see below, I let him know that this was just not acceptable. We spent the rest of the night with some more quality lap time.

The Great Wall sounds amazing. Takes lots of pictures for us.


The Speckster


At 3:35 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hey Speckster-

Today (yesterday) we had a travel day from Beijing to Shanghai. We took a two taxi caravan to the airport because we have so much luggage and taxis here aren't very big.

At the airport in Beijing we stopped to get something to drink and some snacks at one of the shops there. An airport bottle of Coke was 55 cents. Ask AK and US the last time they paid that for a soda at the airport! Luckily our flight was on time and we made it o.k.

Shanghai is more modern than Beijing. It seems to be a little cleaner and has less historical significance. Tomorrow we're going to the Yuyuan Garden which is in the old section of the city.

Just got back from an excellent dinner with a big assortment of different foods to share. Yum!

Try to be more helpful in the kitchen! And if you need to get removed from the situation, take your lumps like a grown up next time!

Talk to you soon. Love mom and dad.


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