Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's A Mason?

You log in and expect to see a picture of me, right? So what is Uncle Steve doing in a monkey suit on my web site? Well, they had something called a 3rd Degree at his lodge, and he wasn't home more than 15 minutes today. He got home at the same time Aunt Kathy was going to aerobics. They had a brief discussion about who was going to take me out, and then they were both off again. Aunt Kathy came home and paid some attention to me after dinner, but (as you know) it really takes two people to keep me entertained. I ready to give them both the 3rd degree!!!

I am still not sure who has trained who here. I have Uncle Steve trained that whenever we go outside, he gives me a small treat. However, when he wants me to go with him, he just shakes that treat box and I come running like a cheap whore. I try to hold back, but those treats are so good! Maybe Uncle Steve is not a dumb as I think he is!

Your trip just sounds neater and neater, and you can buy cheap coke. We also saw your post on Facebook. Maybe you should start running marathons now that you have been training on the Great Wall!!


The Speckster


At 5:51 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hey Speckster-

There are so many 3rd degree jokes possible I won't even try, but tell US congratulations! I'm guessing that it's a good thing and I'm sure he earned it!

Yesterday was a travel day from Shanghai to Guangzhou for us and an early morning flight for Grandma and Grandpa all the way back home.

Last night we had dinner close to our hotel at the weirdest Cantonese seafood restaurant ever. It was called East Ocean, seated about 500, had absolutely nobody who spoke even a little English (our Mandarin is no good this far South) was decorated like Liberace's less tasteful and colorblind brother's apartment and we only got three of the four dishes we ordered. We ended up paying for the one we didn't get because we were confident we wouldn't be able to explain it and frankly, we were tired. But the food was really good!

So today we took the cleanest metro ever to the Canton Fair. The show is absolutely huge and can't be described in words. We think we found some good products and are looking forward to hitting it again tomorrow. After the show we took the metro to a shopping street and bought a few things. This city is small compared to Beijing and Shanghai, but still about 7 million residents.

We got back to the hotel around 9:30 and ordered room service. Now to bed and more show tomorrow.

Be good for AK and US. Maybe if you're good US will bring you to the Lodge!


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