Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tummy Rub Time!!!

You can't tell in this picture, but Uncle Steve is giving me a very nice tummy rub. It's been another quite day, so it is really important on those days to enjoy the little pleasures. I had some quality lap time with both Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve. I helped Aunt Kathy cook, without getting in trouble. I enjoyed begging for food at dinner, even if I didn't get any. We had a quick game of ball right before dinner. I still guard the house, particularly when I know the paper guy is coming. He knows this is one house that better treat with respect. I will make this quick so Uncle Steve and I can get in a quick nap before bedtime.
The Speckster


At 9:17 AM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
That's a great tummy rub picture. We need to figure out how to transmit fuzziness over the internet, because we could both use some by now. Tonight, we saw a guy riding a bike with a box strapped to the back of it for his dog to ride in! When they stopped at the crosswalk and were waiting for the light to change, they were cuddling. It was really hard to not go over and join in. It's been a while since we've had a chance to get some fuzzy time in, and the doctor at the travel clinic threatened to give Mama preemptive Rabies shots if she couldn't control herself in China.

Yesterday, we went to the wrong airport on the wrong day! Not really, we just wanted to ride the MagLev train in Shanghai, and it only goes between downtown and the International Airport. Your grandpa really wanted to ride that train because it is super fast. It doesn't have wheels, justs hovers above the track because of magnetic repulsion (ask US, he can explain it to you). The train got up to 300km per hour (about 190 mph) while we were riding it, but can go even faster if they want. I bet you'd love to hang your head out one of those windows!

We took the subway to the Bund afterwards. It's the area along the Huangpu river (insert your own poop joke here) that was occupied by the French, so it looks very Art Deco and European. We had lunch at a place called Shanghai La La (La La means Grandmother, be sure to tell that to AK) and the food was fantastic! We had Gung Bao chicken, Beef with Green peppers (not the kind of green peppers you're used to) Radish dumplings (deeelicious) Shanghai noodles with pork, Sweet and sour Shrimp, and Egg drop soup with chicken and corn in it. For all four of us, it cost 160 Yuan (about $25.00).

We went to the Shanghai Museum next, and saw the Ancient pottery wing. They had pottery that dated from 6000 BC (older than the Great Pyramids) all the way up to the Qing Dynasty (around 1700's AD). The most famous, being the Ming Pottery (around 1500's). They had all sorts of Porcelain pots, sculptures, and even pillows! Not the most comfortable idea...Papa wanted to know if they still flipped them over to get the cold side.

Later we went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and said our goodbyes, because they were leaving first thing in the morning for home.

Be sure to thank AK and US for taking such good care of you while we're gone. We'll write again tomorrow.

Love, Mom and Dad


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