Thursday, May 03, 2012

Mom, are you OK?

As you can tell by my picture, I am worried about you.  Let Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve know if there is anything we can do.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve are taking very good care of me.  Aunt Kathy even called during the day, and left a message for me so I would know that they were thinking about me.  I didn't hear it until Uncle Steve came home, because I spent the day sleeping on my little throne.  (That was very nice of you to bring that over this morning.  It really is quite a comfortable place to take a nap.)

Uncle Steve is as well trained as ever.  He gives me one little treat every time I go outside, and he really piled on the peanut butter when I had to take my pill. I think he thought he was fooling me, but I know that damned thing is in there somewhere.

We walked down to the house and back for a little exercise, but Uncle Steve got the message that my "Uncle Steve Walks" days are over.

The only excitement for the day, and it wasn't much excitement, is that Uncle Steve carried me back into the house so I could see the two new dogs next door.  I hate to admit it, but I'm getting so deaf I couldn't hear either one of them.  When the German Shepard Aeva saw me, she wanted to come over and play.  Then next thing we saw were here paws at the top of the fence, and then her head popped up.  She went back down right away, but I was very impressed how high she could jump.  If that had been a regular fence, she would have cleared it with room to spare.  Uncle Steve told me she was barking to say hello, but I couldn't hear it, so I didn't bark back.  I hope Aeva wasn't offended.

I hope you and Dad are doing OK! Everyone here is remembering you in their prayers.


The Speckster


At 9:44 PM, Blogger Evil Cake Genius said...

Hi Speckster-

Mom is doing fine. We made it in ok and have seen great grandma and all the siblings already.

Glad to hear you're making new friends next door. Good idea making everyone think your hearing is worse than it is. Selective hearing comes in handy.
Be sure to let US know that you can walk further if he wants. Just last week we went for over a mile so down to 43rd and back is nothing. Please disregard extra writing after this. Typing on this Nook sucks balls and someone forgot to program it so you can actually get to a specific point in a paragraph once you leave it. Anyway kiss ak and us for their help. Talk to you tomorrow.

t last week we went for over a mile! But usually down to 43rd and back is not


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