Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Uncle Steve Fell Asleep!!!

OK, this is not big news, but he was supposed to help me with the blog on Monday, and I couldn't wake him up to do the damn blog.  So it may be hard to tell, but the picture is me sleeping on Uncle Steve's lap Tuesday morning.  That's the sun shining on my back, while my face is in the shade getting great z's.  We slept most of the morning too, so that's why the blog is a little late.

There's not much to report here.  It has been in the low 30's, so there is still ice on the sidewalks.  It looks nice outside, but the wind makes a bit uncomfortable. I just spend my time lap hopping between Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve.  They take turns going places so I'm not alone.  Although yesterday I had to spend some time at our house because there were workmen in Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve's house.  They finished what they could on Monday morning, so I will not be left at the house anymore during this visit.

Your pictures on Facebook look really neat!!! I'm glad you are having a good time.

See you soon.  Let Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve know if you want me dropped off at our house, or are you going to come get me?


The Speckster


At 2:28 PM, Blogger Evil Cake Genius said...

Hi Speckster-

Good to see you're helping US catch up on his sleep. Hopefully the weather will get better in the next day!

Today we went to Barrio Gotic and checked out the museum that was closed yesterday when we tried to go. They had an interesting museum which highlighted how the medieval portion of the city was built on top of the Roman ruins from around 100 B.C. to roughly 100A.D. Anyhoo. It was pretty cool.

We also met a shop Westie named Max who worked in an antique shop and liked to go across the alley and sniff a medieval church to get ready to do his business. We even have a picture to show you when we get back.

We're supposed to get in tomorrow around 3:30 in the afternoon. Tell US and AK that we can just come down and get you. We'll call before we come so we can say hi.

Love you, Madre and Padre.


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