Sunday, March 27, 2011

Everything is Back To Normal

Just a quick note to let you know that everything is back to normal.  Aunt Jenna is pretty lively.  When Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve picked me up, they had to wake me up from a very sound sleep. OK, they had to shake me to get me off the couch. Hey, I was tired!!!

I spent this afternoon lap hopping, and helping Aunt Kathy.  I managed to work in a few naps too!  Notice how politely I ate my dinner tonight.  I'm getting much daintier in my old age.

Uncle Steve showed me more pictures on Facebook. Looks like you are having a good time.

See you soon.  Love,

The Speckster


At 12:10 PM, Blogger Evil Cake Genius said...

Glad to hear that you're back to normal. That was a pretty slow go at dinner, usually you'd think it was trying to get away from you the way you eat.
While you were on your vacation within a vacation, we went to Tarragona, a coastal city with some really cool Roman Ruins. We got to walk around under their Roman Circ, a place where they had chariot races. The ruins there were super similar to the mosaics and stuff that they had in Pompeii. We were going to go to the colluseum, but we heard a bunch of drums coming down the street. We followed the marching bands to the center of the old town and they had a drum corps competition on the Cathedral steps. It was pretty cool.
Yesterday, we went to a really weird house designed by a guy named Antoni Gaudi. He's the same guy who designed that cool park that we went to a few days ago. This house, Casa Batllo, was really unusual, and was really sea-inspired and curvy. Really neat.
Then, we went to a Flamenco show at the Palau de la Musica Catalana, where we heard Catalan singing and saw Flamenco Dancers. We were in the second row, and got to see the expressions on their faces as they were dancing, it looked like it took every ounce of energy they had, a true workout!

Today, we went to the Barrio Gotic, the old part of Barcelona and also to the Sagrada Famiglia, the Cathedral that that same Gaudi guy started building in the late 1800's and that is still not finished. They're working on it as we visited. It's really unusual, and the inside columns look like trees that hold up the roof which looks like broad leaves. They don't allow dogs inside, and I can't blame them. I can't imagine how you'd decide which of those tree pillars to pee on first!
Anyway, be sure to mark some real trees when you go on your W-A-L-K-S with US. Make sure those Bassett hounds know whose neighborhood they're in!


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