Friday, May 04, 2012

I'm Having Trouble Getting Inspired

I know there are some people who think that Uncle Steve is my ghost writer for this blog, but here is proof that I do my own work. It's just that I don't feel very inspired right now.  Life has settled into somewhat of a rut.  I do my breakfast dance, and somebody feeds me.  Then I sleep.  I go outside for my noon duty.  Then I sleep.  Uncle Steve comes home early afternoon for a little walk, and I do my duty.  Then I sleep.  I do my dinner dance, and somebody feeds me. I go outside and do my duty.  Then I sleep.  I get my bedtime snack, go outside and do my duty.  Then I sleep. Notice the pattern. Writing about sleeping just does not seem very interesting.

So last night I decided that I have done enough sleeping, and I wanted Uncle Steve to play.  It seems that he thinks the night time is for sleeping.  He actually got a little perturbed with me.  Dad, thanks for letting him know about the bedtime snack. Maybe that will help me get back into my pattern of "Then I sleep".  Although it might be kind of fun just see how ticked I can make Uncle Steve!


The Speckster


At 7:19 PM, Blogger Evil Cake Genius said...

I think you've been hanging out with your Papa a little too much, Speckster. He's about as routines as you are. As a matter of fact, he does his duty about as often as you, and he just got into bed at the hotel with his bedtime treat (raspberry cheesecake).

Tell US that if you get feisty again tonight, that a little treat should quiet you down. Also, tell him were sorry for not filling him in on the new addition to the treat regimen. A bedtime treat in the actual bedroom is a weird did you get your Papa trained to do that? You're quite the people- whisperer.

We'll be coming home tomorrow, and are excited to see you. Thank AK and US for the extra patience this time. Love, mom and Dad


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